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We all have a reason for finding our passion in life. Mine was always natural health and physical activity! Dealing with a skin condition since the age of 2, I was prescribed all sorts of topical creams for years, with no improvement except for the occasional soothing and pain relief. These frequent visits to the doctors and ointment trials were by far not the results I was looking for. One day, my dad brought me to an acupuncturist, to try another option. It was then that I experienced positive changes to my skin. Acupuncture was my first step into the discovery of holistic health.

In my teenage years, I struggled with eating disorders which had immense effects on the health of my body and my mind. From barely eating to binge eating, throwing up, trying all of those “magic fat burning pills and fad diets to excessively exercising...inevitably bringing on more health issues. Fatigue, constipation, severe abdominal pain, hormonal imbalance, PMS, depression; not to mention the emotional toll it was taking on me! Fed up with feeling like this and aware of the impacts on my body and my mind, I decided to take charge of my health and slowly but surely, regain control. This is when my journey of researching and learning about natural health, science and psychology began!

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine obtaining a degree in Acupuncture. I learned a beautiful, natural, and powerful way to see the human body with all its dimensions and complexity (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and how there are other approaches to heal it. I understand the importance of the food we choose to nourish and fuel our body, how movement is beneficial for our physical and mental health.

I have always been highly active, at times, obsessively; and loved to surpass myself in sport. Not only was it a way for me to release frustration but it was also a great way to release endorphins which releases this awesome feeling in my mind and body. I now know the difference between a healthy lifestyle and compulsive exercising. It is all about finding the right balance!

I have a burning passion for health, well being, and the relationship we develop with food. I know that the complexity of the mind plays a role on us; physically and emotionally. Signs and symptoms are a signal of your body telling you that something needs to be addressed. Nutrition is the gas that fuels our body, which gives us energy and stamina but can also have adverse effects. I find it rewarding when clients regain good health and can make better choices for themselves and loved ones. And remember we are all different, there are no perfect workout or diet, each person is different, with different physiognomy, level of fitness, lifestyle, and goals.


Qualifications and membership: Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Diploma, Acupuncture Diploma, Personal trainer certification, Stick Mobility Coach Level 1, Hormonal Health

I am a member in good standing of the Canadian Association of the Natural Nutritional Practitioners.

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