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Starting a journey is a process very complex, it implies that we will get out of our comfort zone and that can be scary. It’s normal to have lots of questions, doubts and thoughts that sometimes are not cheerful.

When we start training it’s the same, you can consider that a journey, an adventure, to find your self, to improve your life and health.

Beginnings are the most difficult part and we can feel lost, but the most important decision you can make is already done: it’s to start, take action.


I began my fitness journey in the same way: I didn’t know where to start. I remember the feeling of entering the gym and didn’t know what to do, what exercises would help me to achieve the goals I had in my mind. So I made a promise to my self: that I would commit to show up the gym, no matter what, and then later I’d figure out what routine I would follow.


Having achieved my first goal, some time later I met the personal trainer that would change my gym experience. Finding guidance is crucial when you are beginning because that will teach you how to move, achieve body awareness and prevent possible injuries from happening.

Also when you workout with a plan the results start to show up, and that will improve not only your lifestyle but your mood and appearance: you’ll feel more confident too.


Feeling inspired by that experience is when I made the decision of becoming personal trainer to help others. I know the struggle and how difficult can be to start and stay committed, and I want to help people to succeed in their fitness adventure.


The road might seem tough but having support nothing is impossible!


Qualifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, Exercise Therapist, Level 1, DTS Hypertrophy Specialist and ACE Fitness Nutrition Coach.

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