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Women's Health

¨A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.¨
— Diane Mariechild
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Women's Hormonal Health – 649$

Food, physical activities, lifestyle, stress, cosmetics, day to day regular house chemical products we use and pollution, all affect tremendously our hormonal health.   A recent study shown that in some countries, the average 20-something woman is less fertile than her grand mother at the age of 35. Between 1973 and 2011, fertility has decreased from 50 to 60% It is predicted that in 2045, sperm count would be = 0! *

If this isn’t enough, our hormones affect EVERYTHING inside our body: skin, hair, nails, mood, concentration, food cravings, sexual appetite, bowel movement, sleep, weight, just to name a few!

For the young or mature woman who wants to naturally take care of her health, look at the symptoms and address them from a natural and holistic approach, this program is for her. Whether you are suffering from painful, irregular periods, PMS, entering menopause, having hard time getting pregnant or planning a healthy pregnancy, this 3-month program is built to improve symptoms and experience a healthy cycle, menopause, or pregnancy.

You will get:


  • Recommendation on herbs and supplements

  • Exercise plan built around your cycle and life stage, with scheduled recommendations (number of sessions per week, time per session and types of activity adapted through out the month)

  • Recommendations on lifestyle, hygiene product uses, cosmetics uses, household care products and healthier alternatives.

  • 2X measurements, body fat percentage and pictures

  • Included: 3 follow-ups of 45 minutes (about 1 follow up per cycle)

  • Adjustment of personalized nutritional plan and supplements as required

  • Support by text


* Shanna H. Swan, PHD - Count Down

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